A new era began, in the history of USB technology when USB Gadgets (also known as PC Gadgets) struck the computer industry. These Gadgets changed the definition of conventional USB Devices making them one of the most favorite Novelty Gifts that could be presented for any occasion especially as Xmas Gifts.

Let’s have a brief overview of some of the Gizmos Gadgets available using USB technology:

USB Coffee Mug Warmer Gadgets are available in plastic and metal with matt-silver finish. No drivers need to install just plug and play approved by CE. Its warming temperature is 40-60 C°. A red LED is used to display whether the coffee is warm or not. Surely, this is one the ‘hottest’ USB Gadgets accessible in market.

USB Letter Opener is a Desk clock with USB connection and electric letter opener. It is made of plastic and available in silver-matt color. Other features are alarm settings, date display and removable USB cable. Its funky looks make it a kind of coolest Gadgets.

Star Wars Darth Vader’s Fighter Cam is one of the most innovative Gadgets ever made. It includes webcam with built-in microphone. The webcam clips to the top of the monitor and guns illuminates when the camera is activated. Exclusive Gadgets design and excellent camera result supports Skype, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL Messenger. A Complimentary CD comprises of drivers, application programs and video software is delivered with it.

These Gizmos Gadgets are of great importance during this round of year, when everybody is purchasing Xmas Gifts. Everyone wants to buy Novelty Gifts for their loved ones and Gagets definitely proves to be the best novel gifts.

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